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One day left till Dutch Clojure Days 2016!

posted at 2016-03-17

Tomorrow Saturday 2016-03-19 will be Dutch Clojure Day 2016. We will open the doors at 8:30 at the Rockstart building in Amsterdam.

There are a few free tickets left! Register at and we will see you there!

– Joost Continue reading…

Dutch Clojure Days 2016 – tickets, call for proposals and sponsors

posted at 2015-12-18

We’re taking ticket registrations for Dutch Clojure Days 2016. This will be a free one-day event on Saturday the 19th of March, 2016 in Amsterdam. Tickets are free but space is limited so please register if you’re planning on attending. … Continue reading…

Event Sourcing at Studyflow Slides

posted at 2015-02-12

I’ve uploaded the slides for the “Event Sourcing At Studyflow” talk I gave yesterday at the Amsterdam Clojure Meetup. Continue reading…

Event Sourcing at Studyflow talk

posted at 2015-02-09

This Wednesday, 11 February 2015, I will be giving a talk at the Amsterdam Clojure Meetup about our experiences at Studyflow implementing Event Sourcing with Clojure / ClojureScript. Daniel Marjenburgh will also be presenting “VisualReview: Web application layout testing with … Continue reading…

Studyflow (NL/Amsterdam) is looking for Clojure talent.

posted at 2014-05-21

At Studyflow we’re looking for a Clojure programmer who wants to join the team. We’ll be at the Amsterdam Clojure Meetup if you want to talk to us. Or contact us via the links above. Continue reading…

New article: Configuring Emacs

posted at 2013-10-24

I just published my Emacs configuration as an article. Contains interesting stuff on Emacs, OrgMode, Clojure and other things. Continue reading…

New zeekat website design

posted at 2013-05-09

This week, I re-implemented my main website. The text on the old one needed to be revised heavily (in fact I removed almost all of it except a short bio and some longer articles) and I wanted to experiment with … Continue reading…

See the incredible emacs config.

posted at 2012-11-03

Because people asked: my current emacs configuration is at Note that it will not work as is, as it depends on my local file tree and specific installs from marmalade. So it’s mostly useful as a raw bucket of … Continue reading…

October Amsterdam Clojure this saturday

posted at 2012-10-25

This saturday, all day. I’ll be giving an updated version of my “functional clojure: sequences” talk in the morning. Continue reading…

Clojure-refactoring gets a little love, a new release and a new maintainer.

posted at 2011-10-24

clojure-refactoring, the Emacs/SLIME based toolkit for doing refactoring wasn’t getting enough love and attention, so I fixed a few things. Tom Crayford unfortunately doesn’t have the time to work on it any further so I’m taking over as the maintainer. … Continue reading…