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Announcement: clj-authsub – AuthSub client in clojure

posted at 2011-10-08

AuthSub is the authorization API Google uses for many of its products, meaning you can use it to ask a user to provide access to their private youtube listings, calendar entries etc without forcing them to hand over their password. … Continue reading…

Relatively sane conversion of PDFs to web-ready JPGs using ImageMagick.

posted at 2011-09-15

Some people when confronted with a problem, think “I know, I’ll use ImageMagick.” Now they have two problems.*

For one of the sites I’m maintaining a lot of content is generated directly from (more or less print-ready) PDFs. The only … Continue reading…

Announcement: pretzel – clojure predicate functions

posted at 2011-04-05

I’m working on pretzel right now. It’s a basic library that can be used to combine predicates and also holds a bunch of tests on string content. Code and documentation is on github. Continue reading…

Announcement: flutter-decline-demo – validation and form generation on compojure

posted at 2011-04-02

Some people indicated they wanted some example code for my clj-decline (validation) and flutter (form generation) libraries. So today I wrote a simple demo application that uses both. Get the code at github. Continue reading…

Announcement: flutter – clojure / hiccup form fields

posted at 2011-03-26

I’ve been working on flutter, a library for saner form generation today. First (pretty basic) release was done on clojars. Still working on many details, including more-or-less full-coverage tests. Get the code on github.

Also see the announcement on the … Continue reading…

Announcement: clj-decline – validation sucks.

posted at 2011-03-12

I pushed a new validation library for clojure to github yesterday. Check out clj-decline. Why another validation library? Well, why does validation suck so much? Of course, dealing with user input is annoying anyway. But validation libraries always seem to … Continue reading…

Announcement: ring-persistent-cookies

posted at 2011-03-12

Just released a minimal library to generate persistent cookies for ring.middleware.cookies. It’s at github and Continue reading…

Talk @ amsterdam-clojurians, Wednesday March 9, 2011

posted at 2011-03-07

I’ll be doing a short presentation on the basic higher-order (sequence) functions in clojure.core at the Amsterdam Clojurians meeting next Wednesday. This talk should be understandable and useful for Clojure newbies. If you’re interested, just show up around 7. Update: … Continue reading…

SLIME hints #5 – slime-apropos

posted at 2011-02-10

This is part of the series on SLIME functions. See the introduction for information on what SLIME is. Another very short post. Now what is the name of that function again? Which namespace contains that variable? Call slime-apropos; Default key-binding: … Continue reading…

Announcement: ring-upload-progress

posted at 2010-09-18

I’ve forked off ring.middleware.multipart-params into a new library called ring.middleware.upload-progress It’s a bit rough-and-ready for now, and it uses the session to store the shared state about current uploads, which is probably not the best way to go about it … Continue reading…

Announcement: clj-sql and clj-imajine

posted at 2010-09-15

I just released a few bits of image code that might be useful to more people. clj-imajine can read, write and scale images. There’s also some minimal experimental pdf support. More features will be added when I need them or … Continue reading…