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New article: Configuring Emacs

posted at 2013-10-24

I just published my Emacs configuration as an article. Contains interesting stuff on Emacs, OrgMode, Clojure and other things. Continue reading…

See the incredible emacs config.

posted at 2012-11-03

Because people asked: my current emacs configuration is at Note that it will not work as is, as it depends on my local file tree and specific installs from marmalade. So it’s mostly useful as a raw bucket of … Continue reading…

Adding a modeline to emacs-rails

posted at 2008-12-06

I just updated emacs-rails so that feedback on the currently running test is put in the global modeline. This means you get that feedback in all buffers, so you can work on something else while your tests are running, and … Continue reading…

better console/keyboard menus for emacs

posted at 2008-09-14

One of the projects I’m working on is in Ruby on Rails, and I’m using emacs-rails (with some small tweaks) as the development environment. Emacs rails works fine, except for one thing: the navigation menus (x-popup-menus) are awkward when you … Continue reading…

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