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New zeekat website design

posted at 2013-05-09

This week, I re-implemented my main website. The text on the old one needed to be revised heavily (in fact I removed almost all of it except a short bio and some longer articles) and I wanted to experiment with … Continue reading…

perl audio modules get reviewed

posted at 2007-12-13

Jonathan Stowe wrote a short piece on a demo he gave on making music with perl and includes code and mp3. He’s been using my Audio::SndFile and Audio::LADSPA modules and was kind enough to also write some positive reviews on … Continue reading…

Lisp, functies, macros en expressieve code

posted at 2007-10-30

Ik ben jaren geleden al eens begonnen aan een Perl module om (onder andere) modulaire synthesizers te emuleren. En dat werkte wel, maar mooi was het niet:

Maak wat processors…. my $net = Audio::LADSPA::Network->new(); my $sine = $net->add_plugin( label => … Continue reading…

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