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One day left till Dutch Clojure Days 2016!

posted at 2016-03-17

Tomorrow Saturday 2016-03-19 will be Dutch Clojure Day 2016. We will open the doors at 8:30 at the Rockstart building in Amsterdam.

There are a few free tickets left! Register at and we will see you there!

– Joost Continue reading…

Dutch Clojure Days 2016 – tickets, call for proposals and sponsors

posted at 2015-12-18

We’re taking ticket registrations for Dutch Clojure Days 2016. This will be a free one-day event on Saturday the 19th of March, 2016 in Amsterdam. Tickets are free but space is limited so please register if you’re planning on attending. … Continue reading…

Event Sourcing at Studyflow talk

posted at 2015-02-09

This Wednesday, 11 February 2015, I will be giving a talk at the Amsterdam Clojure Meetup about our experiences at Studyflow implementing Event Sourcing with Clojure / ClojureScript. Daniel Marjenburgh will also be presenting “VisualReview: Web application layout testing with … Continue reading…

Studyflow (NL/Amsterdam) is looking for Clojure talent.

posted at 2014-05-21

At Studyflow we’re looking for a Clojure programmer who wants to join the team. We’ll be at the Amsterdam Clojure Meetup if you want to talk to us. Or contact us via the links above. Continue reading…

Emacs CVS HEAD (finally) has anti-aliased fonts

posted at 2008-02-07

The emacs-unicode-2 branch has been merged into the main branch. This means really good looking fonts for everyone on X11. Get it now:

cvs -z3 co cd emacs ./configure –with-xpm –with-tiff –with-jpeg –with-png –with-freetype –with-xft –with-rsvg –with-gtk –enable-font-backend make … Continue reading…

Arc is released

posted at 2008-01-30

As one or two of my readers may know, Arc is a project by Paul Graham to produce a new Lisp/Scheme dialect for the future. Up till now details about it have been very sparse, but today the first version … Continue reading… – Lisp videos

posted at 2007-10-31

LispCast is a series of screencasts of Common Lisp development.

Lispcast laat in een serie van videos zien hoe je in Common Lisp een web applicatie schrijft, test, refactored en verder… Interessant materiaal.

De komende sessie gaat over database persistence … Continue reading…

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