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Studyflow (NL/Amsterdam) is looking for Clojure talent.

posted at 2014-05-21

At Studyflow we’re looking for a Clojure programmer who wants to join the team. We’ll be at the Amsterdam Clojure Meetup if you want to talk to us. Or contact us via the links above. Continue reading…

See the incredible emacs config.

posted at 2012-11-03

Because people asked: my current emacs configuration is at Note that it will not work as is, as it depends on my local file tree and specific installs from marmalade. So it’s mostly useful as a raw bucket of … Continue reading…

Announcement: ring-upload-progress

posted at 2010-09-18

I’ve forked off ring.middleware.multipart-params into a new library called ring.middleware.upload-progress It’s a bit rough-and-ready for now, and it uses the session to store the shared state about current uploads, which is probably not the best way to go about it … Continue reading…

Rambling on Javascript: “Constructors considered mildly confusing”

posted at 2008-02-11

In which I poke your eye with the details of prototypes and constructors in JavaScript. Includes pretty diagrams! Read it here: Constructors considered mildly confusing. Continue reading…

Arc is released

posted at 2008-01-30

As one or two of my readers may know, Arc is a project by Paul Graham to produce a new Lisp/Scheme dialect for the future. Up till now details about it have been very sparse, but today the first version … Continue reading…

Emacs Javascript mode update

posted at 2007-11-29

I partially fixed an issue with comments inside quoted strings. You can now use / inside a quoted string and it won’t be seen as a comment. Especially useful if you’ve got a URL in a string. /* … *Continue reading…

Karl Landström’s homepage is weg (en nu weer terug)

posted at 2007-11-11

Is al eerder gebeurd, dus hopelijk is het tijdelijk. Dus in de tussentijd is hier ook de originele javascript.el die ik gebruikt heb voor mijn versie. update: Karl’s nieuwe homepage is hier. Continue reading…

Javascript regex en string literal highlighting in Emacs

posted at 2007-10-31

De beste javascript mode voor Emacs is deze van Karl Landström. Hij heeft alleen moeite met het correct detecteren van strings en regexes:

Niet leuk als je de source van jQuery opent. (Waarschuwing, dit crasht emacs!)

Ook niet leuk is … Continue reading…

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