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One day left till Dutch Clojure Days 2016!

posted at 2016-03-17

Tomorrow Saturday 2016-03-19 will be Dutch Clojure Day 2016. We will open the doors at 8:30 at the Rockstart building in Amsterdam.

There are a few free tickets left! Register at and we will see you there!

– Joost Continue reading…

Dutch Clojure Days 2016 – tickets, call for proposals and sponsors

posted at 2015-12-18

We’re taking ticket registrations for Dutch Clojure Days 2016. This will be a free one-day event on Saturday the 19th of March, 2016 in Amsterdam. Tickets are free but space is limited so please register if you’re planning on attending. … Continue reading…

Event Sourcing at Studyflow Slides

posted at 2015-02-12

I’ve uploaded the slides for the “Event Sourcing At Studyflow” talk I gave yesterday at the Amsterdam Clojure Meetup. Continue reading…

Event Sourcing at Studyflow talk

posted at 2015-02-09

This Wednesday, 11 February 2015, I will be giving a talk at the Amsterdam Clojure Meetup about our experiences at Studyflow implementing Event Sourcing with Clojure / ClojureScript. Daniel Marjenburgh will also be presenting “VisualReview: Web application layout testing with … Continue reading…

Studyflow (NL/Amsterdam) is looking for Clojure talent.

posted at 2014-05-21

At Studyflow we’re looking for a Clojure programmer who wants to join the team. We’ll be at the Amsterdam Clojure Meetup if you want to talk to us. Or contact us via the links above. Continue reading…

New article: Configuring Emacs

posted at 2013-10-24

I just published my Emacs configuration as an article. Contains interesting stuff on Emacs, OrgMode, Clojure and other things. Continue reading…

See the incredible emacs config.

posted at 2012-11-03

Because people asked: my current emacs configuration is at Note that it will not work as is, as it depends on my local file tree and specific installs from marmalade. So it’s mostly useful as a raw bucket of … Continue reading…

October Amsterdam Clojure this saturday

posted at 2012-10-25

This saturday, all day. I’ll be giving an updated version of my “functional clojure: sequences” talk in the morning. Continue reading…

Clojure-refactoring gets a little love, a new release and a new maintainer.

posted at 2011-10-24

clojure-refactoring, the Emacs/SLIME based toolkit for doing refactoring wasn’t getting enough love and attention, so I fixed a few things. Tom Crayford unfortunately doesn’t have the time to work on it any further so I’m taking over as the maintainer. … Continue reading…

Announcement: clj-authsub – AuthSub client in clojure

posted at 2011-10-08

AuthSub is the authorization API Google uses for many of its products, meaning you can use it to ask a user to provide access to their private youtube listings, calendar entries etc without forcing them to hand over their password. … Continue reading…

Relatively sane conversion of PDFs to web-ready JPGs using ImageMagick.

posted at 2011-09-15

Some people when confronted with a problem, think “I know, I’ll use ImageMagick.” Now they have two problems.*

For one of the sites I’m maintaining a lot of content is generated directly from (more or less print-ready) PDFs. The only … Continue reading…

Announcement: pretzel – clojure predicate functions

posted at 2011-04-05

I’m working on pretzel right now. It’s a basic library that can be used to combine predicates and also holds a bunch of tests on string content. Code and documentation is on github. Continue reading…

Announcement: flutter-decline-demo – validation and form generation on compojure

posted at 2011-04-02

Some people indicated they wanted some example code for my clj-decline (validation) and flutter (form generation) libraries. So today I wrote a simple demo application that uses both. Get the code at github. Continue reading…

Announcement: flutter – clojure / hiccup form fields

posted at 2011-03-26

I’ve been working on flutter, a library for saner form generation today. First (pretty basic) release was done on clojars. Still working on many details, including more-or-less full-coverage tests. Get the code on github.

Also see the announcement on the … Continue reading…

Announcement: clj-decline – validation sucks.

posted at 2011-03-12

I pushed a new validation library for clojure to github yesterday. Check out clj-decline. Why another validation library? Well, why does validation suck so much? Of course, dealing with user input is annoying anyway. But validation libraries always seem to … Continue reading…

Talk @ amsterdam-clojurians, Wednesday March 9, 2011

posted at 2011-03-07

I’ll be doing a short presentation on the basic higher-order (sequence) functions in clojure.core at the Amsterdam Clojurians meeting next Wednesday. This talk should be understandable and useful for Clojure newbies. If you’re interested, just show up around 7. Update: … Continue reading…

SLIME hints #5 – slime-apropos

posted at 2011-02-10

This is part of the series on SLIME functions. See the introduction for information on what SLIME is. Another very short post. Now what is the name of that function again? Which namespace contains that variable? Call slime-apropos; Default key-binding: … Continue reading…

Announcement: ring-upload-progress

posted at 2010-09-18

I’ve forked off ring.middleware.multipart-params into a new library called ring.middleware.upload-progress It’s a bit rough-and-ready for now, and it uses the session to store the shared state about current uploads, which is probably not the best way to go about it … Continue reading…

Announcement: clj-sql and clj-imajine

posted at 2010-09-15

I just released a few bits of image code that might be useful to more people. clj-imajine can read, write and scale images. There’s also some minimal experimental pdf support. More features will be added when I need them or … Continue reading…

SLIME hints #4 – slime-who-calls

posted at 2010-06-09

This is part of the series on SLIME functions. See the introduction for information on what SLIME is. Just a short post today. The slime-who-calls function (default binding “C-c C-w c”) lists every function that calls the given function (default … Continue reading…

SLIME hints #3b – lexical completions, also: a correction

posted at 2010-06-04

New code! As I noted in yesterday’s post, slime-complete-symbol normally doesn’t complete locally bound “variables” (that is, function arguments and let bindings). I’ve created a SLIME extension that does a pretty rough scan of the current top-level form and adds … Continue reading…

SLIME hints #3 – interactive completions and smart tabs

posted at 2010-06-03

This is part of the series on SLIME functions. See the introduction for information on what SLIME is. Today I want to address auto-completion. There are many different Emacs extensions for doing completions, but the basic functionality in SLIME is … Continue reading…

SLIME hints #2 – slime-compile-and-load-file vs other slime-compile functions

posted at 2010-05-27

This is part of the series on SLIME functions. See the introduction for information on what SLIME is. SLIME has a bunch of different functions that compile code from a file buffer into the running Lisp process. I’ll list a … Continue reading…

SLIME hints #1 – Meta-. (slime-edit-definition)

posted at 2010-05-23

This is part one of the series on SLIME functions. See the introduction for information on what SLIME is. Today’s function is slime-edit-definition, which has the default key binding of Meta-. This function is one of the most useful code-navigation … Continue reading…

SLIME hints #0 – Introduction (Emacs/Lisp hacking goodness)

posted at 2010-05-22

I’m starting a series of posts highlighting useful functions in Emacs/SLIME. The idea is to take one function (or a set of related functions) per post. This post is mostly here for reference in future episodes and will explain what … Continue reading…

Choosing your clojure startup script from Emacs/SLIME

posted at 2009-12-03

The standard instructions for swank-clojure (the clojure backend to SLIME) imply you always use the same binary and/or classpath for starting your clojure code. The problem with that is that for different projects you generally want to specify at least … Continue reading…

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