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Bassline Synth sourcecode now online

posted at 2009-03-31

I just released the source code for the simple synthesizer, for those who are interested. Continue reading…

A simple synthesizer in 7.17 Kb of Flash

posted at 2009-03-19

Flash finally raised my curiousity by adding fully programmable audio in Flash player 10. This means you can read the currently playing audio stream to provide reasonably accurate VU meters etc, but more interesting, it means you can write your … Continue reading…

perl audio modules get reviewed

posted at 2007-12-13

Jonathan Stowe wrote a short piece on a demo he gave on making music with perl and includes code and mp3. He’s been using my Audio::SndFile and Audio::LADSPA modules and was kind enough to also write some positive reviews on … Continue reading…

Lisp, functies, macros en expressieve code

posted at 2007-10-30

Ik ben jaren geleden al eens begonnen aan een Perl module om (onder andere) modulaire synthesizers te emuleren. En dat werkte wel, maar mooi was het niet:

Maak wat processors…. my $net = Audio::LADSPA::Network->new(); my $sine = $net->add_plugin( label => … Continue reading…

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