Development Consulting

Development Consulting



Zeekat levels up your development

We improve product teams from managers to developers by sharing our technical and organizational expertise. We provide coaching services and hands-on development & devops work.

We believe in

Giving your users super powers

Product development is fun! Stay on top of bugs and technical debt and you can focus on delivering working, useful services to your customers.

Building the right thing

Everybody in the team knows what your users need, and everybody is focused on making that happen. Simplicity is difficult to achieve but it’s essential.

Practiced, agile teams

Great products are built by cross-functional teams that share a common goal. Trust and clear communication within the team and with stake holders are hard requirements for success.

We offer

No silver bullet

Our first priority is to understand what your goals and needs are and find an effective path to improvement. We will help you implement the right technical, organizational, and social tools for the situation.

Organization, communication and trust

Software development is a social as well as a technical undertaking. We can apply a range of techniques & tools to improve communication, focus and trust between everybody involved in the project.

Arts of the craft

We are craftspeople and we enjoy improving ourselves and helping others improve their technical skills. We can help you implement refactoring, monitoring, CI & test-driven development, property based testing, versioning workflows, event sourcing and much more.

Strategic design

A software architecture should be more than a realistic way to meet feature requirements. We will help you model your domain and create an architecture that has a strong postive impact on your organization and future opportunities.

Functional programming expertise

We believe functional programming techniques are key to managing complexity. We enjoy working with Clojure & ClojureScript, and love to help others improve their FP skills. We built and manage the Rill Event Sourcing toolkit and can help you get the most out of an event sourcing architecture.

Our Team

Joost Diepenmaat


Joost is a highly skilled developer and enterpreneur who’s been a developer, architect, team lead and CTO and can relate to developers as well as managers and founders.

He loves listening to his record collection and is an excellent cook.

Remco van ‘t Veer


Remco is a very experienced software developer who likes to get his hands dirty. He’s great at motivating other developers, building momentum and improving team productivity while maintaining high standards of quality.

He loves spending time with his family, cycling and reading.

Get in touch!

If you’d like to improve your development effort, or are thinking of starting a project, we’d love to talk with you.

Joost Diepenmaat